Visual Art

Have you been interested in drawing since childhood? Curious of what to do with your passion for art? We are here to help. The Henderson County School of Fine Art's Visual Arts program is the pathway that will take your talent and develop it into skills that you can use for your college and professional careers. Our courses and instructors will help take your talent to the next level.

About The Program

Students choosing this SoFA pathway will develop skills in drawing, painting, and various other styles of visual art by participating in our specialized courses over 4 years. We designed the visual art pathway as a launching pad for successful college careers. The goal of the visual art program is to get the students observing and thinking about the world around them. In doing so, the students transition from passive to active observers and then finally problem solvers as they embark on projects to communicate their thoughts with others.

Visual Arts Instructors

Katie Giles

Mrs. Katie Giles grew up in Henderson County, right outside the city limits. She went to college at the University of Kentucky in 2005, but wasn’t fond of the big city life. She returned home in the summer of 2007, and finished her degree at the University of Southern Indiana, where she graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Art Education. Giles began teaching art in 2010, right out of college, in Webster County, Ky. From there, she continued her passion for teaching with Henderson County Schools at North Middle School in 2012. While teaching at North Middle School, Giles gained her Master’s of Teaching in Special Education from the University of the Cumberlands. In 2017, Giles made the transition back to her alma mater, Henderson County High School, to teach art classes that she once took as a student. This experience is a dream for her, and she is excited to learn new things along the way. Giles recently finished her Rank 1 in administration, although her passion is teaching art. Giles, her husband Ryan, and daughter Ava, currently live in Henderson with no plans of moving away.

Hailey Haywood

Mrs. Hailey Haywood grew up in Newburgh, In. She graduated from Castle High School in 2015 and quickly started her undergraduate degree that fall. She studied Art Education with an emphasis in Painting at Murray State University. She graduated from Murray in 2019 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Art Education and quickly gained her Kentucky Teaching Certification. While studying at Murray State, Haywood was on the board of the National Art Education Association Student Chapter, and served as president for two consecutive semesters. After being placed at Henderson County High School for student teaching, she was elated to be offered a position to teach art for the Colonels, just a few short months after gaining her Teaching Certification. She plans to get her Master’s of Education in the near future and is beyond excited to grow and keep learning as a Colonel. Haywood, and her husband Jonathan, currently live in Boonville, Indiana and have no plans of relocating any time soon.

SoFA Visual Arts Program Pathway

PLEASE NOTE: This is a suggested curriculum to help better plan your schedule. You do NOT have to take all classes listed. However, you MUST take SOFA Studio Art each year. There may be some adjustments made so please be aware that this layout may change at anytime as we adjust to better serve our students.

Grade 9 

  • English 1
  • Algebra 1
  • Integ.Phy.Science
  • World Civilization
  • Heath/PE
  • Technology and Finance

ELECTIVE (1): SoFA Studio (Must take), Other electives: Sculpture 1, Sculpture 2, Art 1

Grade 10

  • English 2
  • Algebraic Data
  • Biology
  • American Studies

ELECTIVES (3): SoFA Studio (Must take), Other electives: Intro to Vis. Comm., Sculpture 1, Sculpture 2, Art 1, Art 2

Grade 11

  • English 3
  • Geometry
  • Chemistry
  • US History

ELECTIVES (3): SoFA Studio (Must take), Other electives: Intro to Vis. Comm., Sculpture 1, Sculpture 2, Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, AP Art Studio

Grade 12

  • English 4
  • Algebra 2

ELECTIVES: SoFA Studio (Must take), Other electives: VA Workplace Experience/Internship (2-3 credits), AP Art History, Intro to Vis. Comm., Sculpture 1, Sculpture 2, Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, Art 4, AP Art Studio

**4 SoFA Studio credits and a Capstone Presentation is required for graduation from this pathway.