In SoFA’s theater program, students will be prepared to step into a career in the theater industry, whether that is in performing, costume and makeup design or technical theater. Students will have the opportunity to work with their peers in collaborative efforts of script writing, technical theater, and producing a show from start to finish.

About The Program

The Theater department is intensive: All students will learn about directing, script writing, acting, and technical theater. We also offer students the opportunity to become members of the International Thespian Society where they can compete at the state and national level. Students who are interested in theater – stage and film – should consider the program as it is nearly impossible to join a college theater program without having previous work in the theater. Students in the theater tract will have an opportunity to be adjudicated, perform for the community, perform for their peers, observe professional theater performances and learn from visiting instructors. While the theater industry can be a difficult one to navigate, students will be given the tools they need to succeed. They will make connections and contacts with professionals in the theater and film industry. Seniors will be preparing for auditions and application processes that would not necessarily happen in their PLT. SoFA theater students can expect to participate in: the State Festival in October each year, one spring show and fall show, the Fine Arts Fest (usually in February), improvisational shows, and performances throughout the year for various schools and school groups.

Theater Instructor

Heather Lacy

Heather is excited to be adding the drama classes to her already busy choir schedule.

SoFA Theater Program Pathway

There may be some adjustments made so please be aware that this layout may change at anytime as we adjust to better serve our students and their future employers.

Grade 9 

  • English 1 or Adv English 1 or Adv English 2

  • Algebra Concepts or Adv Algebra 1 or Adv Geometry

  • IPS or Adv IPS Or APES

  • World Civ or Adv World Civ or AP World History

  • PE And Health

  • Computer Applications

  • Theater 1

    Grade 10

  • English 2 or Adv English 2 or AP Seminar

  • Algebra 1 or Adv Geometry or Adv Algebra 2

  • Biology 0r Adv Biology Amer Studies or AP Gov’t

  • Theater 2

  • Film Appreciation

  • Elective – Creative writing or Art 1

Grade 11

  • English 3 or AP English 3

  • Geometry or Adv Algebra 2 or AP Calculus

  • Chemistry or Adv Chemistry

  • US History or AP US History

  • Theater 3

  • Costume and Makeup Design

  • Elective

Grade 12

  • English 4 or AP English 4

  • Algebra 2 or AP Calculus/AP Statistics/College Alg

  • College path 4th Science

  • Theater 4


Note to applicants

The audition process for the theater program includes a prepared monologue. Students may use the free monologues from as a source for their monologue.