SoFA’s educational model extends the current arts program by targeting some key attributes of successful artists and incorporating them within our curriculum. Our students will be distinguished ambassadors for our school, our county, and our state and will exhibit leadership throughout our community. Participation in the Henderson County SoFA Program will prepare you not only for a lifetime in the arts, but also for your professional and interpersonal relationships as you move into the world. 

Students choosing SoFA will be immersed into a curriculum that stimulates creative thinking and problem solving by challenging them in an in-depth study of the pathway of their choice. Pathways include instrumental, theatre, voice, and visual arts OR SoFA general studies (combination of the 4). Students must apply for the program pathway of their choice, audition, interview, and finally be accepted by SoFA staff members. Students must also present two recommendations from their content area at the time of applying. Once admitted into a pathway, students will work hard to improve and perfect their skills within their area. They will be introduced to community masters in their pathway and will learn how to be successful in the arts as a business practice. Students will attend arts events in all area pathways and indulge themselves in the art world. Students will end this program with a Senior Capstone Project/Performance that they will present to a panel of SoFA teachers, board members, and/or community members. 

As a SoFA student, it is expected to maintain a higher level of professionalism and conduct. We are a family, and as a group, we strive to enrich the lives of our students by bringing together public/private entities to collaborate in creating and promoting exceptional learning experiences. 

To learn more about what your schedule will look like after being accepted into SoFA, check the bottom of each pathway's page.