Simply put, in the 21st century our students need the arts now more than ever.  Even in the relatively small community of Henderson, technology and modern communication can accelerate the life of a teenager to the point of disorientation and anxiety.  The pressure American youths have always felt now confronts them at hyper-speed.

The arts provide a way for our students to slow down and thoughtfully reflect on their dizzying world in a healthy, creative way.  The arts provide an outlet for their ever-increasing nervous energy.

Furthermore, by emphasizing fine arts within HCHS, there are many practical benefits for not only the students but the community at large.  Towns that promote the arts are likely to enjoy increased economic activity. The arts can bring a sense of vibrancy to a community, and cultural happenings can enhance outsiders’ perception of us. 

Is SoFA right for you?

Our program is not for every student nor is every student for our program. In order for a student to be successful s/he must be teachable. If a student doesn't want to work to learn then they would be better served elsewhere.

Parents should send their child through our program if they want their child to experience a challenging curriculum in which the student will be required to problem solve.

The School of Fine Arts is affording HCHS the chance to unite our programs and focus our instruction in such a way that we can promote a shared identity and community among students and teachers, while also encouraging greater community support.