The goal of the HCHS Band Program is to provide students with the most positive experience performing music in all its forms. If music is a passion of yours, we got you! Join the program and let us guide you to your dreams.

About The Program

In the HCHS Band program, character, behavior, and positive attitudes are valued as much as musical experience and talent. Everyone is afforded an opportunity to be the best that they can be in developing their musical skills. Every student in the program has (A) the opportunity to become the best student musician they are willing to work to be, (B) the chance to play a wide variety of musical styles and instruments, and (C) once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to perform on stage in front of audience in places like the Henderson Fine Arts Center, the Kentucky Center for the Arts, Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Disney World, Washington DC, and Europe. Parents can trust that the band is a safe environment for their student and that they will have many and frequent opportunities to see their child perform, grow, and succeed.

Instrumental Instructors



Mr. Adam Thomas graduated from Henderson County High School in 2005, from the University of Louisville with a Bachelors of Music Education in 2009, and with a Master of Arts in Teaching in 2010. He is a member of the Kentucky Music Educators Association, the National Association for Music Education, and is a Kentucky Colonel.


Charles McManus

Charlie McManus is a recent graduate from the University of Kentucky where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education with a Vocal emphasis and a Minor in Percussion Performance (2016). He is very glad to be spending his first year teaching at Henderson County High School as the Music/Gifted & Talented Teacher. Mr. McManus works with both the choir department and the band department.

SoFA Instrumental Program Pathway

Disclaimer: The curriculum is currently in the refinement stage. There may be some adjustments made so please be aware that this layout may change before or during July 2017.

Grade 9 

  • English 1 or Adv English 1 or Adv English 2
  • Algebra Concepts or Adv Algebra 1 or Adv Geometry
  • IPS or Adv IPS Or APES
  • World Civ or Adv World Civ or AP World History
  • PE And Health
  • Computer Applications
  • Art 1

Grade 10

  • English 2 or Adv English 2 or AP Seminar
  • Algebra 1 or Adv Geometry or Adv Algebra 2
  • Biology 0r Adv Biology Amer Studies or AP Gov’t
  • Art 2
  • AP Art History or Art 3
  • Elective

Grade 11

  • English 3 or AP English 3
  • Geometry or Adv Algebra 2 or AP Calculus
  • Chemistry or Adv Chemistry
  • US History or AP US History
  • AP 2D Design
  • AP Art History or Art 3
  • Elective

Grade 12

  • English 4 or AP English 4
  • Algebra 2 or AP Calculus/AP Statistics/College Alg
  • College path 4th Science
  • Elective
  • AP Drawing
  • AP 3D Design
  • Art Studio

*5 Required Courses include Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, AP Art 2D and AP Drawing and Capstone Submission